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The /FOCUS command allows you to automatically focus a specified folder in the main window. This command is especially useful at the program's startup.







Acceptable parameters are (a parameter may be identified by two or more names):


USER=value or U=value

value is the name of the source account. If no FOLDER parameter is specified, the target folder will be the Inbox of the given account.

PASSWORD=value or P=value

value is the password which will unlock the account if it is needed.

FOLDER=value or F=value

value is the target folder's pathname. If the pathname does not include an account name, The Bat! will search all accounts for a folder with a matching name; the first folder found will be used as the target folder. If the specified folder is not found, the Inbox folder of the target account is used.





/FOCUSU="My account 1";F="Friends\Sam"

/FocusF="\\MyAccount\New mail";P=mypass


Note: To separate parameters, use semicolons (";" characters). Do not put spaces between parameters when using the /FOCUS command from the command line because a space-separated mask will be interpreted as the next command line parameter and will not be processed as intended.        

Note: If a parameter value contains space characters, enclose it in quotation marks. If a value contains quotation marks, you should use single quotes (" ' " characters).