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The /IMPORT command allows for the batch import of e-mail messages to a specified folder from multiple RFC-822 message files or from UNIX mailbox files.







Possible parameters:


USER=value or U=value

value is the name of the destination account. If no FOLDER parameter is specified, the destination folder will be the Inbox of the given account.

PASSWORD=value or P=value

value is the password which will unlock the account if it is needed.

FOLDER=value or F=value

value is the destination folder's pathname. If the pathname does not include an account name, The Bat! will search all accounts for a folder with a matching name; the first folder found will be used as the destination folder. If the specified folder is not found, the Inbox folder of the destination account is used.


this parameter tells The Bat! that the input files are in UNIX mailbox format. By default, input files are treated as separate RFC-822 messages.


when this parameter is used, all imported messages will be marked as read. By default, all imported messages are marked unread.

FILE=value or IN=value or  INFILE=value or I=value

value is a file mask with the pathname for the input files. The /IMPORT command can have an unlimited number of FILE parameters.


if this parameter is specified, all files processed will be deleted once they have been successfully imported





/IMPORTU="My account 1";FOLDER="Friends and relatives\Sam";IN=C:\InFiles\Sam\*.MSG


/IMPORTF="\\My account 1\Business\Unsorted";UNIX;FILE=C:\InFiles\Unsorted\*.mbx;READ



Note: To separate parameters, use semicolons (";" characters). Do not put spaces between parameters when using the /IMPORT command from the command line because a space-separated mask will be interpreted as the next command line parameter and will not be processed as intended.        

Note: If a parameter value contains space characters, enclose it in quotation marks. If a value contains quotation marks, you should use single quotes (" ' " characters).