Advanced filtering conditions


"Advanced filtering conditions" give you access to extra settings which must be in force for a filter to come into effect. These conditions include:


Screen saver must be, which allows you to specify filters that only occur when the screen saver is active or inactive. The default is "in any state", which means that the filter will operate regardless of the state of the screen saver. For example, when the screen saver is active, you may want The Bat! to alert you to certain incoming messages by playing a particular WAV file and execute a program which turns of the screen saver. Another example of how this can be used to good effect is that an automated reply can be sent to known "urgent" messages when the screen saver is active saying that "The operator is not available right now and will deal with your request upon their return".


The Message priority is option allows you to additionally filter on High and/or Normal and/or Low priority messages.


You can filter on message Parked status, message Flagged status, message Colour group, Size, and Age.


You can also specify that Addresses must / must not be listed in the address book for one of the Sender, First recipient, All recipients, Sender and first recipient, Sender and all recipients. This is useful for filters which add or remove names and addresses to/from the address book.


The final additional condition is that the filter can be restricted to only act within specific hours of the day.