Create Mail Filter


The Create Mail Filter dialog box is a quick way to set up a new Sorting Office Filter filter for the current message.


Name - Enter an applicable name for this sorting office rule, one that will make its relevance obvious to you when seen in the list of Filters in the sorting office.


Detect by - Select which message fields should be used for match detection. You can choose from Sender, Subject and Recipient as to which fields should be scanned and matched with which strings. By default, these are pre-filled for you with details from the current message.


Use for - Select whether this rule is for Incoming, Outgoing, Read or Replied messages.


Move to folder - Choose a destination folder for filtered messages.


Override existing filters - Check this option if you want the new filtered to be created at the top of the current set of filters. Leave this option unchecked if you want the filter to appear at the end of the current set of filters.


You can click on OK to create the filter and close the Create mail filter dialog box.


Click on Edit if you want to create the filter and then further modify the newly created filter using the full Sorting Office filter editor to select advanced options and actions for the new filter.


Click on Cancel to discard the information without creating a new filter.