Mass/Group Mailings

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Sometimes you want to send the same message to a whole group of people. For the odd occasion you can simply put all recipients into the CC or BCC header, depending on the intended visibility of their addresses to others. You can also define address groups if you regularly send messages to same group of people. All your recipients will get the same message with the same greeting line (preferably a neutral one).


The Bat! offers a more convenient way to send individual messages with the same basic content to a large group of people. The key to this is Quick Templates.


1. Open your Address Book
2. Select the recipients for your message
3. Go to File->Mass mailing using template
4. Choose a template from the list or Quick Templates to create a new one

Note: You have to define Quick Template for mass mailings. See the Mass mailing tutorial for help with that.

5. In the ensuing dialog choose the account for your mass mailing
6. You can choose another template and edit it
7. Choose an option for your new messages
· Put in Outbox
· Open in Editor
· Save as Draft


Note: We recommend to use Save as Draft. After The Bat! has created all your messages you can check that they are all what you expected. Opening all the messages in the editor upon creation can seriously slow down your computer.


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