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The Options Menu is the main interface for all The Bat! system-wide options.


Most of the functions are self evident, and generally apply to the currently account.



Opens the main Preferences window

Quick Templates...

Edit the Quick Templates. The default shortcut key for this function is <Shift+Ctrl+Q>

Network & administration

See The Bat! Networking Course and Working in Multi-User EnvironmentIDH_MULTIUSER for more information about how these options are used.

XLAT Tables

This is the main entry point for the interface to allow you to load or edit Character Translation Tables.


Set your preferences for the use of S/MIME.

Submission Forms...

Submission Forms - a tool for creating queries that can be automatically processed

Define System Hot-Keys...

Set up the System-Wide Hot-KeyIDH_SYSHOTKEYS functions.

Virus protection

Configure which external virus protection support The Bat! should use.


Select the language to be used for the user interface.