Importing/Exporting e-mail Messages


The Bat! has two native import/export formats for e-mail messages. These are MSG and UNIX mailbox.


MSG format is a method of storing single messages in transportable files which can be imported and/or opened by many different types of system. The .MSG format is essentially a plain text dump of the entire message content including RFC-822 headers (kludges).


UNIX mailbox format is a method of representing a whole stream of messages in a single file. Again, the UNIX mailbox format can be read by other systems and also by <PROGRAM> itself, providing a useful way to export and import single folders or batches of messages.


The message Import / Export functions can be accessed through the main menu "Tools | Import messages" and "Tools | Export messages" options.


You can also import messages from other e-mail client software with The Bat!'s built in import wizard. The wizard is able to recognise the following formats:


†        Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx

†        Microsoft Outlook Express v5.0

†        Netscape Communicator v4.xx

†        Netscape Mail v2.xx/3.xx

†        Eudora Lite/Pro

†        Pegasus Mail v2.xx or 3.xx


To import from Microsoft Outlook, first export the messages to Outlook Express format. You can then import from there using the import wizard. If the format you want to import from isn't covered by the Wizard then it is possible that you can export from the other system into standard UNIX format, which is one of The Bat!'s standard import formats.