Working in Multi-User Environment

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If you want to share access to Internet mail between several users, you may need to set access rights for particular accounts or account groups.


Users are classified in two categories:


Administrators - these users can see all accounts defined in the running copy of The Bat! and can change all account properties, program preferences and settings.


Ordinary Users - these users cannot see all defined accounts, only the accounts in their group. The properties they may change are determined by the Administrators.


If at least one ordinary user is defined, an initial Log on dialog is invoked at the program's start-up and a user has to enter his/her account name and password (if any) to have access to his/her account. The password for a particular account can be set using the "Account | Set Access Password" command from the main program window.


To allow an ordinary user to have several accounts and to see them simultaneously, the Administrator must define an account group for that user.


Within a network, it is possible to give access to a particular account from a machine connected to the network. All the Administrator needs to do is to set the account's home directory to a directory accessible on the network and to create a copy of the account on the machine from which the account is going to be accessed. Even if machine does not have the TCP/IP protocol installed on it, it is still possible to use The Bat! - just define the working directory of The Bat! to be the same as that of a machine which is running The Bat! in the role of "Server".


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NB: These multi-user features are not available for SecureBat! since the security is very much centred around single user with strong privacy and security requirements.