Browsing for a token

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Note: available in Ritlabs The Bat! Professional only


There can be several hardware security tokens plugged into your computer. You may however choose which token to use for secure POP3/SMTP authentication for a specific account.


When you 'browse' for a token to use, you will see a list of available (plugged in) tokens. The tokens that are plugged in but currently exclusively used by other applications are also displayed, but are not available for selection, editing or viewing. You can however press the "Refresh" button to update the current status of the tokens in the list, e.g. to see whether an application that was previously using a particular token has released ownership, making it available for The Bat!.


When a token is available, you can click the "View" button to see its technical specification and the amount of available token memory. The total amount of memory depends on which make and model of token is used.


Clicking the "Edit" button in a list of available tokens invokes the built-in Token Editor.