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In the message editor/viewer, regular expressions can be used to search for sub-strings matching a search pattern. To find a sub-string that matches a regular expression, invoke the search dialog and type the regular expression, make sure that the "Regular Expressions" checkbox is checked and start the search. Regular expressions can also be used for the Replace function in the Message Editor in the same way as they are used in the search dialog.


If a match is found, the text that matches the given regular expression will be marked as selected in the message editor/viewer. If the regular expression has subpatterns, the first captured substring will be selected, i.e for the regular expression Total amount: *(\S+) only the word following Total amount will be selected but not Total amount itself.


The default PCRE options for the message editor/viewer are PCRE_CASELESS or none for a "Case sensitive" search. Matching is done on a String-by-string basis.


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