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Cookie refers to tags, often of a funny or philosophical nature, people add to their e-mail signatures.


The Bat! can insert cookies randomly in your messages with the %COOKIE macro in a template.


The macro uses lines stored in The Bat! itself:


1. Go to Account Properties -> Templates -> Cookies
2. Enter your cookies into the editing field.
3. For multi-line cookies put in \n at the point where you want a line break; you can have more than one per cookie


You can also use an external text file with cookies. Again, any cookie needs to be in one line, for line breaks use \n. You can also use the %WRAPPED macro in your template to get an automatic line wrap.


To insert cookies from an external file the path to the text file is the value of the %COOKIE macro, i.e. '%COOKIE="C:\Bat\Quotes.txt"'.



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