Block and Formatting Commands

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You can use the standard cursor keys, together with the <Shift> key to mark a block of text. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to select text by moving the mouse cursor while pressing the left mouse-button.


There are also the following standard block functions available in The Bat!'s message editor


Action        Key combination        

Mark the beginning of a block

Ctrl+K B

Mark the end of a block

Ctrl+K K

Copy the block to the Clipboard

Ctrl+Ins or Ctrl+C

Cut the block to the Clipboard

Shift+Del or Ctrl+X

Paste the block from Clipboard

Shift+Ins or Ctrl+V

Paste the block from Clipboard as a quotation


Paste the block from Clipboard and reformat


Read the block from file

Ctrl+K R

Write the block to a file

Ctrl+K W

Move the block left to right

Ctrl+K I

Move the block to the left

Ctrl+K U

Switch block type to stream (default)

Ctrl+O K

Switch block type to column

Ctrl+O C

Switch block type to linear

Ctrl+O L

Justify the block or paragraph


Align the block on left end


Align the block on right end


Centre the block




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