Automatic Text Formatting

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Auto wrap mode

Every line reaching the defined right margin (see Program preferences) gets wrapped automatically.


Autoformat mode

Any change you make later to entered text will reformat the paragraph you changed


Note: The Bat!'s MicroEd does not distinguish between "hard" and "soft" carriage returns, a paragraph of text is defined by an empty line above and below it. To start a new paragraph just hit <Enter> two times, to create an empty line. This means that it is impossible to type a list with Autoformat mode active.


Justify on wrap

Automatically block-aligns your text (left- and right-align).


Auto indent mode

Positions the cursor under the first non-blank character of the preceding non-blank line when you press <Enter>.


Backspace unindents

Press Backspace to delete any indentation.



Reformat on the fly


To reformat your text while typing, use key strokes:

· <Alt+L> - Left-align
· <Alt+C> - Centre
· <Alt+R> - Right-align
· <Alt+J> - Justify


If you place the cursor inside the paragraph with the mouse, you must hit one of the arrow keys once to get the whole paragraph to reformat or only the single line with your cursor will be reformatted.



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