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The Bat! implements two different spell checking engines: Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine (SSCE) and Common Speller API (CSAPI). The Bat! only checks text you entered along with your template text; quoted text is not checked.


Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine (SSCE)


SSCE is part of The Bat!'s installation and comes with dictionaries for American and British English. Further dictionaries are available together with the International Language Pack from RITLab's Web site.


Common Speller API (CSAPI)


CSAPI is provided by many vendors and used by the Microsoft Office family of products. If you have Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or another application from Microsoft's Office suite installed, The Bat! automatically detects any CSAPI dictionary and uses it.



Spell Checking


In the message editor:

1. Go to Spell Checker

2. Choose


Automatic checking

Checks your message while you are typing - real-time spell check.


Check entire text

Checks your message upon invocation.


Check before send/queue

Use this if you want your message only checked for spelling mistakes when it is finished and ready for sending.



Select the dictionary you want The Bat! to use. All installed languages are listed here with CSAPI dictionaries marked as such.



· Ignore captalised words
· Ignore all-caps words
· Ignore words with numbers
· Ignore words with mixed case
· Case-sensitive
· Phonetic suggestions
· Typographical suggestions
· Suggest split words
· Auto correct
· Fast but less accurate
· Moderately fast and accurate
· Slow but accurate



In this dialogue you define user dictionaries, add or delete words from them and define actions for them.


Any word The Bat! shows as wrong can be corrected by you, ignored or added to the user dictionary.


For Automatic checking:


1. Right-click an underlined word
2. Select an entry from the context-menu


For Check entire text a dialogue opens to allow correction of any spelling mistakes found and, at the end (or if there are none) a small summary window stating how many words were checked and how many corrected.