Back up and restore

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Since e-mail has become a vital ingredient in today's business affairs, The Bat! offers a powerful backup and restore feature.



Backing up


1. Go to Tools->Backup
2. Choose what to backup
3. Choose which Address Book to backup
4. For attachments choose if external ones should be stored in message bodies
5. Choose Standard for a full backup, or Create an update ... for an incremental backup
6. Enter a comment (optional)
7. Click OK and enter a file name


Note: You can streamline the process by entering a file name in the dialogue's Backup file line, i.e. to overwrite an existing file.

Beware: When backing up The Bat! to move information into The Bat! Professional you must Store external attachments in message bodies!





1. Go to Tools->Restore
2. Choose a file from which to restore
3. Choose what to restore
4. Click OK


Note: You can restore several archives at once (e.g: if you have performed incremental backups or backed up several accounts separately).



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