Add shortcut

Here you may enter parameters a new shortcut, which will be created by SFX archive after unpacking. This dialog contains following fields:

Where to create

Choose where you wish to create a shortcut.

Source file name

Name of archived file.

Destination folder

Folder to place the shortcut in. If it is not exist, it will be created by SFX archive.

Shortcut description

Text describing a created shortcut.

Shortcut name

Name of .lnk (shortcut) file created by SFX.

Shortcut icon

Name of icon file associated with shortcut. If you leave it blank, the default icon will be used. If icon file name does not contain the full path, SFX archive will search the icon file in folder containing unpacked files.

Only "Where to create" and "Source file name" are required, all other parameters are optional.