Command I[i|c|h|t]=<string> - search string in archives

Find string in archives. Supports following optional parameters:

  i    case insensitive search (default);

  c   case sensitive search;

  h   hexadecimal search;

  t   use ANSI, Unicode and OEM character tables;

If no parameters are specified, it is possible to use the simplified command syntax i<string> instead of i=<string>

It is allowed to specify 't' modifier with other parameters, for example, ict=string performs case sensitive search using all mentioned above character tables.

Because of technical limitations now WinRAR does not support search in ACE and 7Z archive formats.


  1. Perform case sensitive search of "first level" string in *.txt files in *.rar archives on the disk c:

WinRAR "ic=first level" -r c:\*.rar *.txt

  1. Search for hex string f0 e0 ae ae ab 2d 83 e3 a9 in rar archives in e:\texts folder.

WinRAR ih= f0e0aeaeab2d83e3a9 -r e:\texts