Command S[name] - convert an archive to a self-extracting

This command creates a self-extracting archive (SFX) which, when executed, extracts the files contained within it.

It is also possible to make an SFX archive as the first of a multi-volume sequence, but it should be noted that the size will be larger by the amount of the SFX module. Should SFX volumes be created using the command a with the switches: -v[<size>] -sfx, then you do not need to ensure the volume size - the first volume will be automatically created with the correct size.

This command is the command line equivalent of the archive management command Convert archive to SFX.


WinRAR s diamant

By default, WinRAR uses for RAR archives SFX module file default.sfx, which must exist in the same folder as winrar.exe and, for ZIP archives, zip.sfx module. It is possible to specify, in the "s" command, an alternate SFX module name.

For instance, to add the DOS SFX module dos.sfx execute:

WinRAR sdos.sfx myinst