"Generate report" command

This command is accessible both when WinRAR is in the file management and in the archive management modes.

In the archive management mode this command creates a report containing the complete list of files in the currently opened archive. File selection is ignored.

In the file management mode a report provides information only about selected items. Depending on command parameters, report may include both usual files and contents of archives found in selected items. If you selected a folder, WinRAR will process its files and subfolders as well.

It is possible to modify report style using following parameters.

Write report to file

Here you may enter a file name to store the report. It is allowed to leave this field blank if you do not need to save the report to file.

Send report to printer

Set this option if you wish to print the report.

Copy report to clipboard

Set this option if you wish to copy the report to clipboard. It takes some amount of memory to store data in the clipboard, so be cautious with this option if you expect to produce a multi-megabyte report. It may take too much memory and decrease the operation speed.

Use HTML format

If this option is enabled, report will be produced in HTML format. Otherwise it will be a plain text file.

Sort files by (original order, name, size, packed size, modification time, CRC)

Here you may select the sort mode or set it to "original order" to skip sorting.

Sort archives separately

If this option is enabled, contents of every archive included into report will be sorted independently of other archives and files, so all files of the same archive will be placed to the same group. Otherwise all files included into report will be sorted as a single stream ignoring archive borders. This option does not make any difference in the original order sort mode.

Include to report / Archives

This option is available only in the file management mode. If it is enabled, WinRAR analyzes all files and if archive found, its contents is included into report. If you wish to get the list of usual files on your disk and do not care about archive contents, disable this option to speed up the operation.

Include to report / Usual files

This option is available only in the file management mode. If it is enabled, WinRAR will include usual files into report. If you need a report containing only archived files, you should disable this option.

Include to report / Archive name

If enabled, report will include an archive name before every continuous group of files from this archive. You may wish to disable this option only in some special cases, for example, if you need to pass a report to external program.

Include to report / Total information

If enabled, WinRAR will place the information about the total number and size of files at the end of report. If "Usual files" option is enabled, only usual files will be added to total information, otherwise only archived files will be present here. It cannot count both usual and archived files. For files split between volumes the total information calculates only those of them, which start in the current volume. It is done to avoid calculating split files several times, when processing a group of volumes.

Include to report / File size

Include the uncompressed file size into report.

Include to report / Packed size

Include the compressed file size into report. For usual files it may be not equal to uncompressed file size only on NTFS disks and only if file has the attribute "Compressed".

Include to report / File date

Include the file modification date into report. Date format is always YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm, it does not depend on system settings.

Include to report / File CRC

Include CRC32 file checksum into report. Though this option is available for both archived and usual files, enabling it for usual files may slow down the operation significantly. It will force WinRAR to read file data and calculate CRC32. Archives already include file CRC, so archived files do not introduce any additional delays here.

"Save" button

Using "Save" button you may store default values of all dialog options except a report file name. WinRAR preserves two sets of default values for this command, one for archive and another for file management mode.