"Define volume sizes" dialog

This dialog allows to customize the list of predefined volume sizes associated with "Split to volumes, bytes" field in Archive name and parameters dialog.

Use "Predefined sizes" options to select disk sizes to display in the list. If you need a value missing in "Predefined sizes", you can specify up to four additional list entries in "User defined sizes". Just enter a label and size for your entry. Label is any short text string and size is a numeric value in bytes. You can omit the label if you wish.

""Autodetect" string" option in "Other items" controls presence of "Autodetect" item in the list. If you never use autodetecting of volume size when compressing to removable media, you can turn this option off to make the list shorter.

"History entries" option defines the number of items previously entered by user and displayed at the top of list. You can set it to zero if you do not need to keep the history of manually entered volume sizes at all. Maximum value of this parameter can be 9.