Executing archive operation

An archive operation is being executed. Wait until it is finished or press the "Cancel" button to break it immediately. While archiving or extracting you may also press the "Background" and "Pause" buttons. "Background" minimizes WinRAR into the tray. It will be restored automatically after finishing the current operation or you may click on the small WinRAR icon in the tray to restore it. "Pause" button pauses the current operation, you need to press "Continue" to resume it.

Both when archiving and when extracting, the progress bar at the top of the command window shows processing of the current file.

During archiving and some of extraction operations an additional progress bar indicating the total operation progress is displayed at the bottom of the command window. Its look depends on "Windows progress bar" option in General settings dialog. If this option is off and WinRAR is archiving files, the total operation progress bar will use 3 colors. Compressed data is painted in yellow and read data in light gray, so comparing yellow to gray you can estimate the compression ratio. If "Windows progress bars" is on, only two colors are used, but in either case the compression ratio is also displayed in the separate line of this window.

During archiving operation you may use "Modeā€¦" button to change the compression method and switch the state of "Turn PC off when done" option on the fly. This button is disabled while extracting or testing files.