GUI RAR and ZIP SFX modules (Default.SFX and Zip.SFX)

Using these two modules you may create GUI (graphic mode) self-extracting archives for Windows 98 and later.

Use Default.SFX module for RAR archives and Zip.SFX for ZIP archives.

WinRAR x64 also includes Default64.SFX and Zip64.SFX, which are 64 bit versions of these SFX modules. By default WinRAR x64 uses 32 bit versions, but you can select 64 bit modules explicitly in SFX options: Module dialog. Resulting 64 bit SFX archive will work only in Windows x64.

Both these modules support simple setup commands and command line options. Use links below to read more about it:


It is allowed to edit Windows resources contained in SFX modules to adapt them for your needs. For example, you may wish to resize the start dialog or add some graphics to it. WinRAR does not provide tools or documentation for modifying resources. It is rather complicated process and if you wish to do so, you must already have a resource editor and you must know how to work with it. But you do not need to edit resources if the standard SFX start dialog is acceptable for you. Also if you need to change only SFX bitmap or icon, you can use "Text and icon" page of Advanced SFX options dialog.