Internal viewer

Commands of the internal viewer.

Menu/Item Shortcut Function
File/Exit Alt+F4, Ctrl+W Exit from the internal viewer
Edit/Copy Ctrl+C Copy selected text to the clipboard
Edit/Select all Ctrl+A Select all viewed text
Edit/Find Ctrl+F Find a string in the text
Edit/Find next F3 Find the next occurrence of a string
View/View as Windows text Ctrl+I Use Windows character table
View/View as DOS text Ctrl+D Use DOS character table
view/Word wrap Ctrl+S Switches word wrapping
View/Set Font… none Set viewer font
Help/View help F1 Show internal viewer help

To change the current character table you may click on the right part of the viewer status bar, where the name of the current table is displayed. The default character table may be specified in Viewer settings dialog.