"Organize profiles" dialog

In this dialog you may edit some parameters of existing compression profiles or delete them. You cannot create a new profile here, methods of creating a new profile are described in the Compression profiles topic.

To edit profile parameters you need to put the cursor to a profile name, press the "Edit" button and set parameters in the Profile parameters dialog to desired values. Note that compression options stored in the profile cannot be changed, you may modify only a few profile related parameters like its name and default status. If you need to modify compression options, you need to create a new profile having the same name as the existing profile.

To delete a profile put the cursor to its name and press the "Delete" button.

Use "Up" and "Down" buttons to move a profile under the cursor in the list.

You may easily find the default profile in the list of profiles in this dialog, it has the small WinRAR icon ("books") to the left of its name.