Registry variables

In multi-user environment it may be important to disable access to some of WinRAR functions for security reasons. If you need to do it, create Registry key:




Key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE has a higher priority than in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

This key may contain the following values:

Value name Value type Description
Menu DWORD If set to 0, disables WinRAR main menu.
Settings DWORD If set to 0, disables "Settings" dialog, "Import/Export settings" commands and toolbar context menu.
Password DWORD If set to 0, disables change of archiving password. It may help to avoid encrypting of important data.
Shutdown DWORD If set to 0, disables "Turn PC off when done" archiving option, so a user cannot shutdown computer.

Note that policy key does not affect the console RAR (rar.exe file), so for better security in multi-user environment you may need to delete rar.exe and keep only winrar.exe.