SFX commands: License

License=<title of the license dialog>


license text1

license text2


Display the software license when starting SFX. User may either accept it and continue extraction or decline and quit.

License may be either in HTML or plain text format. In the latter case SFX module merges and reformats the specified text strings to fit them optimally into the dialog. So if you wish to start a new paragraph, you need to put the empty string before it.

Using HTML you may control colors, fonts and formatting of displayed text. Description of HTML syntax is available on The World Wide Web Consortium site. Also it is possible to use any web page editor program to prepare HTML text.

If text consists of several strings, SFX module considers ‹}› character as the end of text mark, so you should not use this character in your text at the first position in the string. If you need to use ‹}› in the beginning of string, insert the space before it.


License=End user license agreement


All copyrights to RAR are exclusively owned by the author.

This program is shareware. Anyone may use this software during a test period.

Following this test period, you MUST register.