SFX commands: Setup


SFX will try to execute <program> after successful extraction. The folder containing extracted files is set as the current before executing <program>. If a program name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotes.




  1. If you have problems to use SFX to run InstallShield setup.exe, try to execute "setup.exe /SMS" instead of simple "setup.exe". This switch allows SFX to detect termination of the InstallShield setup program.
  2. You may use -sp<par> SFX command line switch to pass optional parameters to a program from Setup=<program> command.
  3. SFX module sets sfxname and sfxcmd environment variables before running the setup program. sfxname variable contains a name of SFX archive. sfxcmd variable contains the complete command line received by SFX module. First parameter of this command line is SFX module name. Setup program can read these variables if it needs such information.