Quick start: extracting files in Explorer or Desktop

If you did not disable the "Integrate WinRAR into shell" option when installing WinRAR, it is possible to extract files directly in a Windows shell. Press the right mouse button on archive icon, select "Extract files…" command, enter the destination folder in the dialog box and click the "OK" button. This dialog box offers a few advancedoptions (see Extraction path and options dialog for more information).

You may also select the "Extract to <folder name>" command to extract to the proposed folder name without additional requests or "Extract Here" to extract to the current folder.

Note that if option "Cascaded context menus" in Integration settings dialog is switched on, you need to open "WinRAR" submenu to access to described above commands. Otherwise they reside in the top level menu.

Another method is to drag one or several archives using the right mouse button and drop them to the destination folder and then select "Extract Here" in the menu which will appear.