Switch -AV - apply authenticity verification

If this switch is used, WinRAR will put, in every new and updated archive, information concerning the creator, last update time and archive name. If an archive, containing authenticity verification, is being modified and this switch is not specified, the authenticity verification information will be removed.

In archive management mode it is always possible to read the authenticity information using the Show information command. Authenticity information is supported only by RAR archive format.

When creating archive volumes with the "-av" switch, authenticity information will be added to each volume.

WinRAR authenticity verification can be forged and does not provide the same level of security as modern digital signature schemes based on public key infrastructure. We recommend to use this WinRAR feature as informational only, like a special archive comment. Avoid it in situations, when accurate information about archive creator is important.

In order to enable the authenticity verification feature you need to buy a licence. Please read the License and registering information chapter for more information about registering.

If this switch is not specified, authenticity information will be added only if the option "Put authenticity verification" in the default compression profile is switched on.


add all files from the current folder to the archive "release" and add authenticity verification to this archive

WinRAR a -av release