Switch -E[+]<attr> - set file exclude and include attributes

Specifies file exclude or include attributes mask. <attr> is a number in the decimal, octal (with leading '0') or hex (with leading '0x') format.

By default, without '+' sign before <attr>, this switch defines the exclude mask. So if result of bitwise AND between <attr> and file attributes is nonzero, file would not be processed.

If '+' sign is present, it specifies the include mask. Only those files which have at least one attribute specified in the mask will be processed.

In the Windows version is also possible to use symbols D, S, H, A and R instead of a digital mask to denote folders and files with system, hidden, archive and read-only attributes. The order in which the attributes are given is not significant.

It is allowed to specify both -e<attr> and -e+<attr> in the same command line.


  1. archive only folder names without their contents

WinRAR a -r -e+d folders

  1. do not compress system and hidden files:

WinRAR a -esh files

  1. do not extract read-only files:

WinRAR x -er files