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Advanced Tag Editor

You can use Advanced Tag Editor to add and edit media information for a single file or several files at once. For example, you can add detailed track and artist information, static and synchronized lyrics, pictures, and comments. You can also add information about related Web sites.

Static lyrics are displayed as a whole when the file begins playing, whereas synchronized lyrics are displayed at the times you specify. If you use the Advanced Tag Editor to add static lyrics to a file that does not already have synchronized lyrics, you can convert those static lyrics to synchronized lyrics by clicking Synchronized Lyrics on the Lyrics tab in Advanced Tag Editor. The lyrics will be separated into different entries at each carriage return in the static lyrics. (If you do not click Synchronized Lyrics, the lyrics will remain static.)

When you play a file, the information you add can be viewed in the Info Center View pane. You can also view lyrics by turning on captions and subtitles. You can view pictures in either the Info Center View pane or the Album Art visualization. Windows Media Player displays pictures you add to a file using Advanced Tag Editor instead of displaying other art associated with the file. If you add multiple pictures by using Advanced Tag Editor, the picture you assign as the Cover (front) picture type is either the only one displayed (when the Album Art visualization is displayed) or is displayed first (when Info Center View pane is displayed) when the file is played.

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