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Synchronized Lyrics

Use the Synchronized Lyrics dialog box to add lyrics that are displayed at the times you specify during playback of a file.

The following options are displayed in the Synchronized Lyrics dialog box.

Option Description
Description Click Add then type a description. For each description, you can have multiple entries in the timeline.
Language Displays the available languages for the lyrics.
Content type Displays the available content types for the lyrics.
Timeline Click Add and then type the lyric text and the time at which you want the text to be displayed. When you play back the file, the text for each entry in the timeline is displayed at the specified time. The entry is replaced when the timeline reaches the starting time for another entry.

On the graphical timeline, vertical bars indicate each point at which you have added a lyric. To synchronize an entry by playing the file, double-click the bar, and then click Play. The file will begin playing from that entry; you can drag the bar to a different location if you want to change the display time.

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