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Changing the size of the Player

Windows Media Player has three modes: full mode, skin mode, and mini Player mode. Full mode is the default view of the Player. All functionality is available in full mode, including some features that are not available in skin mode and mini Player mode.

Skin mode is an alternate view of the Player that is usually smaller than full mode, and has a different graphical theme (for example, a theme based upon a musical group, a movie, or a sports team). In skin mode, you are limited to the functionality associated with the skin that you selected.

An anchor window may appear in the lower-right corner of your screen when the Player is in skin mode. You can use the anchor window to return the Player to full mode, select a new skin, open a file, or open a URL.

Mini Player mode is an alternate view of the Player. By default, when you minimize the Player while in full mode or skin mode, the Player minimizes to a taskbar button that does not include any playback controls. To access the playback controls, you must restore the Player. However, when you enable the mini Player mode and minimize the Player, the Player minimizes to a taskbar toolbar that includes the most common playback functions.

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