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Features taskbar

The Features taskbar contains buttons that link to the key Player features and an area with buttons that link to online stores.

Features taskbar, showing the Quick Access Panel button on the left and the Online Stores button on the right

The following table explains the function of the buttons that can be displayed on the Features taskbar.

Player features

Click To
Now Playing View a video, visualization, or information about the content that is playing.

To quickly select a CD, DVD, VCD, album, artist, genre, or playlist to play, click the Quick Access Panel button.

Library Organize digital media files on your computer and links to content on the Internet, or create playlists of your favorite audio and video content.
Rip Play a CD or rip specific tracks from a CD to the library on your computer.
Burn Burn your own CDs from tracks you have stored on your computer.
Sync Synchronize your music, videos, and recorded TV shows to portable devices, such as portable digital audio players, Pocket PCs, and Portable Media Centers.
Guide Find digital media on the Internet.

Online stores

Online stores for selected content providers are displayed in the Online Stores area of the Features taskbar. Internet content providers make some or all of the following buttons, or other buttons, available on the Features taskbar, depending upon the type of content that is offered.

Click To
Music Get access to music on the Internet by visiting an online music store.
Radio Get access to radio stations on the Internet by visiting an online radio station provider.
Video Get access to video on the Internet by visiting an online video store.

To change the online stores that are displayed or to browse other available online stores, click the Choose online store button.

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