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Open URL

Use the Open URL dialog box to enter the location of a digital media file that you want to play.

The following options are displayed in the Open URL dialog box.

Option Description
Open Provides a space for you to type the URL or the location of a digital media file on the Internet, your computer, or your network. The location that you enter must include the name of the file, including its extension, for example, C:\My Documents\My Music\Play.m3u.

The following list provides examples of the kinds of locations you can specify:

  • mms://server/filename (for example, a file with a .wma, .wmv, .asf, or .mp3 extension)
  • http://server/filename
  • \\server\content\filename
  • file://\\server\content\filename
  • mms://server/sami.asf?SAMI=http://server/sami/sami_demo.smi (SAMI file)
Browse Click to browse your computer or network to find a digital media file.

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