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Play menu keyboard shortcuts

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts for the Play menu commands.

To do this Use this keyboard shortcut
Display the Play menu ALT+P
Play or pause playback CTRL+P
Stop playback CTRL+S
Use a fast play speed CTRL+SHIFT+G
Use a normal play speed CTRL+SHIFT+N
Use a slow play speed CTRL+SHIFT+S
Play the previous item CTRL+B
Play the next item CTRL+F
Rewind a file CTRL+SHIFT+B
Fast-forward a file CTRL+SHIFT+F
Shuffle the playlist CTRL+H
Repeat the playlist CTRL+T
Turn on or off captions and subtitles CTRL+SHIFT+C
Increase volume F10
Decrease volume F9
Mute volume F8
Eject CD or DVD CTRL+E, select CD or DVD drive by using arrow keys, and then press ENTER

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