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Sharing your library

By default, your computer has separate library databases for each user account. However, the contents of your library may be viewed and accessed by the other users of the computer if they add files to the Library feature by searching the computer. Users can also view your digital media content by using Windows Explorer.

Ratings, play counts, playlists, and auto playlists are also associated with your user account. For example, if you and your spouse log on to the same computer by using different user accounts, the ratings, play counts, playlists, and auto playlists shown in your library reflect only your usage, and not your spouse's.

Because the Library feature and some other Player features are associated with your user account, any media information that you edited, such as the artist name and song title, appears in your library only. This is also true for any skins, visualizations, and plug-ins that you download.

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