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Skin shortcut menu keyboard shortcuts

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts for the commands on the Skin shortcut menu, which are available only when Windows Media Player is in skin mode. The Skin shortcut menu provides access to a variety of commands that are available when Windows Media Player is in full mode.

To do this Use this keyboard shortcut
Display shortcut menu SHIFT+F10
Navigate through shortcut menu SHIFT+F10, arrow keys
Close shortcut menu ESC
Open a file CTRL+O
Specify a URL or path to a file CTRL+U
Shuffle the playlist CTRL+H
Repeat the playlist CTRL+T
Increase volume F10
Decrease volume F9
Mute volume F8
Play or pause playback CTRL+P
Stop playback CTRL+S
Play the previous file CTRL+B
Play the next file CTRL+F
Switch to full mode CTRL+1
Display Windows Media Player Help F1

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