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To burn your own CD

  1. On the File menu, point to CDs and Devices, and then click Burn Audio CD.

    The Burn feature is displayed.

  2. In the Items to Burn pane (the left side of Burn), select the playlist in your library that contains the digital media files that you want to burn.
  3. To add digital media files from other playlists or categories in your library to the playlist of items to burn, or to remove items from the playlist, click the Edit Playlist button Edit Playlist button.

    The number of selected items and total time is displayed at the bottom of the Items to Burn pane.

  4. If necessary, clear any check boxes for items that you do not want to burn.
  5. Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW in your CD drive.
  6. If necessary, when using a CD-RW disc, click the Erase disk button Erase disk button to erase the CD.
  7. If you want to change recording or data CD settings, such as the CD write speed or quality level, click the Display properties and settings button Display properties and settings button.
  8. In the Items on Device pane (the right side of Burn), click one of the following:
  9. Click the Start Burn button Start Burn button.

Note Image Notes

Before items are burned to your CD, they are inspected and, in some cases, converted to a different file type. This process takes several minutes.

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