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Using Internet Explorer security settings

The following features in Windows Media Player require an Internet connection and may rely on security zones and security settings in Internet Explorer to display or work properly:

Changing security settings in Internet Explorer may affect the operation of the Player features or prevent information from being displayed. For example, the Internet Explorer security settings apply to the Web page displayed by the Guide feature, so if you disable Active scripting in the Security Settings dialog box in Internet Explorer, the Guide Web page may not display correctly in the Player.

Licenses may sometimes be obtained from Web pages that contain items such as active content, scripts, or forms. These items are prevented from running on your computer by default. If you obtain a license from a Web page that contains scripting or forms, however, these items may be allowed to run based on the security settings in Internet Explorer. Other features of the Web page, such as signed ActiveX controls, are prevented from running.

For more information about security settings in Internet Explorer, see Internet Explorer Help.

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