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Using plug-ins

Plug-ins are components that add functionality to Windows Media Player. The Player includes the following types of plug-ins by default.

This type of plug-in Does this
Visualization Displays splashes of color and geometric shapes that change with the beat of the audio that is playing.
Now Playing Performs a function in one of the panes in the Now Playing area (Video and Visualization, Enhancements, or Playlist).
Window Performs a function in a window other than the Player window.
Background Performs a function behind the scenes. It does not include a user interface.
Video DSP Performs a video effect. Digital signal processing (DSP) is a method of analyzing signals (such as audio or video) and changing them to produce a desired effect.
Audio DSP Performs an audio effect, such as reverberation.
Other DSP Performs an effect other than a traditional video or audio effect.
Renderer Plays a content format that is not native to the Player.

You can install additional plug-ins to customize the Player to suit your preferences.

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