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Using keyboard shortcuts in the Player

The following table lists general keyboard shortcuts that you can use to select commands, buttons, and menus in the Player.

To do this Use this keyboard shortcut
Make the underlined letter for a command or button available. The File menu is highlighted initially.

After you press the ALT key, press the key for the underlined letter of the menu or command that you want to use.

You can use either the arrow keys or key of the underlined letter to select a different menu or an item on the menu.

Access the Features taskbar features. ALT, V, and then G
Move left and right or up and down on menus or lists

You can also use the arrow keys to adjust the volume and to position the Seek slider.

Arrow keys
Play an item or select a command or button ENTER or SPACEBAR
Select or clear a check box

To select or clear contiguous check boxes, press and hold SHIFT, use the arrow keys to highlight the appropriate check boxes, and then press SPACEBAR

To select or clear check boxes for multiple items that are not contiguous, press and hold CTRL, use the arrow keys to highlight the check boxes, and then press SPACEBAR

Move the pointer to a different area

Press SHIFT+TAB to move the pointer in the opposite direction

Press CTRL+TAB to move the focus between the inner and outer areas of the Player

Display a shortcut menu for the selected item SHIFT+F10
Close any menu ESC or ALT
Restore the Player from mini Player mode ALT+SHIFT+P

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