Accounting Setup Dialog

Accounting enables you to associate User and Account identification numbers with each document you print.  The printer will collect and store this information as jobs are submitted to it, making cost tracking and reporting an integral part of the print submission process.

When Enable Accounting is selected on this dialog, the option fields are enabled.

When Prompt for Every Job is enabled, the User ID and Account ID entry fields will be displayed each time a print job is submitted to the printer.

When Use Default Accounting Codes is selected, you can enter a Default User ID and a Default Account ID that will automatically be used each time you submit a job to the printer.

Accounting support and features may vary with each Xerox system.  Please consult the documentation provided with your printer for specific information about the accounting features available with your system.


Enable Accounting  

Save Accounting Codes  

Default User ID  

Conceal User ID  

Default Account ID  

Conceal Account ID  

Prompt for Every Job  

Use Default Accounting Codes