Delay Print Setup

The Delay Print feature enables you to delay the printing of a job for up to 24 hours from the original job submission time. Enter the time at which you would like the job to print. Use either a 12-hour format or a 24-hour format:

The Delay Print feature operates within a 24 hour time frame which means that your document will print in the next 24 hour cycle if you send the document to the printer AFTER the scheduled time. For example, if it is currently 9:00am and you set a Delayed Print job for 9:01am but don't click OK in the driver until 9:02am, the document will not print until 9:01am the next day. In situations where the document arrives at the printer after the scheduled time due to network or print queue delays (or different clock settings on the printer or computer), the document will be printed immediately.

  To avoid problems with Delayed Print jobs, you should check and synchronize the time settings on your computer and the printer.