How To...Enable/Disable Accounting

CentreWare Accounting allows organizations to track printer use by individual users and by account numbers. The printer collects and stores account information as jobs are submitted, making cost tracking and reporting an integral part of the print submission process.

The printer must be configured for Accounting, and the CentreWare driver must be configured as well.

To enable Accounting:

  1. Access the printer driver from the Printers folder.

  2. Select the appropriate printer from the list of available printers. Right-click Properties.

  3. Choose the Configuration Tab and click Accounting.

  4. Select Enable Accounting.

  5. Select to enable Save Accounting Codes, Conceal User ID, or Conceal Account ID. Click OK. (more...)

Your driver is now configured for Accounting.

  In Windows 2000, an Administrator must configure the driver with the accounting policies for concealing or remembering user and account IDs. These policies are for every print job that is sent to the printer and cannot be changed by individual users.