How To...Enable the Euro Currency Symbol

The Xerox Euro font family was created to support the imaging of the Euro currency symbol with font sets that do not yet support this character. The Xerox Euro font family consists of the Euro symbol in various styles and weights designed to work in conjunction with most popular font styles. Many styles include a symbol at numeric width, which conforms to the standard design rules of the Euro symbol, as well as a designer version of the character, created to more closely resemble the original font.  

If fonts for your printer are not updated to include the Euro, a box will be printed instead of the Euro symbol. If this occurs, you can send Euro fonts to the printer as bitmapped images.

Xerox Euro Fonts are provided on the CentreWare CD.  Additional information and font installation instructions are available via the Internet at

To add the Euro Currency Symbol to PostScript fonts:

  1. Open the driver from the Printers folder.

  2. Right-click the printer name and select Properties.

  3. Choose the Device Settings tab.

  4. Select Add Euro Currency Symbol to PostScript Fonts, and choose Yes.

  5. Click OK on the Device Settings tab.


To use the Euro Currency Symbol:

  1. Set the font selection in your application to Xerox Euro.

  2. Type the keystroke that corresponds to the type style you are using.