How To...Print Folded Documents

The printer driver must be configured to match the finishing options that are available on your Xerox system.  These settings are found in the Installable Options section of the System Configuration tab in the printer driver.  

  Only one (1) optional finishing unit can be installed at a time.  Availability of Installed Options may be limited.  Please check with your Xerox representative for configuration information and availability of optional equipment.

To print and fold documents:

  1. Open the driver from the Printers folder. Right-click the printer name and choose Properties.

  2. Choose the Configuration tab and ensure that a finisher supporting booklet making is installed. Click OK to close the driver.

  3. Open the driver properties from the application's Print dialog.

  4. Choose the Paper/Output tab and select the Booklet Fold option from the Punch/Fold drop-list. Required Output options will automatically default to the appropriate option.

  5. Choose the Layout/Watermark tab. Select Booklet Layout and any other desired booklet options.

  6. Click OK to close the driver and return to the print screen.