How To...Print a Sample Document

The Sample Set feature enables you to send a multiple-set job to the printer, print one copy of the document, and hold the remaining sets in the print queue until you release them directly at the printer.

  Documents held for an extended period of time are deleted automatically. The time limit is configured by the Network Administrator.

To print a sample document:

  1. Open the driver from your application's Print dialog Properties.

  2. On the Paper/Output tab, select Sample Set as your Job Type.

  3. Select the total number of copies (sets) you would like to print. Choose any other print options you want in the printer driver.

  4. Click OK to close the printer driver.

  5. Click OK to submit your job to the printer. One set of the document prints and the remaining sets are held at the printer.

  6. After proofing the Sample Set, you can print or delete the remaining sets.


To release or delete the remaining jobs at the printer:

  1. Go to the Document Centre control panel/touch screen and press Job Status.

  2. Find your document in the list of All Incomplete Jobs. To select the job, press the name until it highlights.

  3. On the screen that appears, press Delete to delete the job or press Release to release the job for printing.