How To...Print at a Specified Time

The Delay Print option enables you to print documents at a specific time. The job is held at the printer until the specified time and is then printed. You may delay a job up to 24 hours from the original submission time.

Note that your document will be delayed 24 hours if you send it to print AFTER the scheduled time. If it is currently 9:00am and you set a Delayed Print job for 9:01am but don't click OK in the printer driver until 9:02am, the document will not be printed until 9:01am the next day.

To avoid problems with Delayed Print jobs, you check and synchronize the time settings on your computer and the printer.

To send a delayed print job:

  1. Open the driver from your application's Print dialog Properties.

  2. On the Paper/Output tab, select Delay Print as your Job Type.

  3. Click the Delayed Print Setup button.

  4. In the Time box, enter the time you would like this job to print. Click OK.

  5. Click OK to close the printer driver.

  6. Click OK to send your document to the printer.

The document is held at the printer until the defined print time when it is released and printed.

  The Delayed Print settings remain in effect for all print jobs until you select a different Job Type and exit the printer driver.