How to...Print Document With Covers

CentreWare printer drivers enable you to choose a different media type and color for the first page or first and last (cover) pages of your document. This does not affect the paper selection for the body of the document. If you specify a paper/media type that is not currently loaded in the printer, the job will be held in the printer until the required paper/media is loaded in one of the trays.

For single-sided printing, the first and last pages of your document will print on the covers.

For 2-sided printing, the first page of your document is printed on the front of the cover and the second page is printed on the back of the front cover. You should insert a blank page (page 2) if you do not want the back of the front cover to be printed.

The last page of your document will always print on the back of the back cover page. If the document contains an odd number of pages, the printer will automatically insert an extra page before the last page in your document. You should insert a blank page at the end of your document if you do not want the back of the back cover to be printed.

  To add a cover to a booklet, choose Front Cover.  When booklets are folded, the back cover is actually the same sheet of paper as the front cover. Therefore, the Front Cover selection also applies to the Back Cover when Booklet Creation is selected.

To print a document with covers:

  1. Open the driver from your application's Print dialog Properties.

  2. On the Paper/Output tab, click Select Paper and choose Covers and Advanced.

  3. Choose the Covers tab.

  4. Select an option in the Cover Options field. Once you make a selection, the other fields are enabled.

  5. Select Blank Cover if you do not want printing on the Cover page.

  6. Select the desired paper size, type, and/or color.

  7. Click OK to close the printer driver. Then click OK to print.